Issue #23 (2014):

• Coca-Cola celebrates a summer of sharing with 'Share A Coke'

• Cedartown, GA Coca-Cola Museum planned

• Victor Kooler found in Texas

• Coca-Cola yoyos from Australia

• Coca-Cola paper label bottles

• A transition bottle from 1962

• More innovations coming from Coca-Cola

• Show & Tell, eBay auctions that grabbed our attention,

flea market finds... and so much more!

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The Cola Conquest is a quarterly PRINT magazine dedicated to coca-cola collectors, historians, and enthusiasts everywhere! No matter what you collect - bottles, cans, signs, or other soda memorabilia, there's something just for you in every issue.

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Over the past 5 years, we've published 23 issues and dozens of feature stories about the Coca-Cola pieces and memorabilia that we all collect. We've included a few here on our website for you to read.

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Issue #24 of The Cola Conquest

due out December 23, 2014